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We are very keen to provide you with the best possible information on investing, and, in particular dividend income investing, but we need your help.

To do this, we just need a bit of insight from you. So please take a moment to fill out our survey below and tell us what you like and what you want to see and hear from us.

We'll use your feedback to give you a much more bespoke service.

We've been known to grumble at survey requests ourselves, but rest assured, we mean it when we say: the more you tell us the better it gets.

Guide to Dividend Investing

You know what it even gets better - as a token of our appreciation for your input the first 50 responders who complete the survey will qualify for a random prize drawing to win a free Guide to Dividend Investing.

Many thanks

Steven Dotsch
Managing editor
Early Retirement
Dividend Income

The more you tell us, the better it gets!

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Less than 1 year
1 - 2 years
3 - 5 years
6 - 10 years
More than 10 years
I enjoy investing
I look for mainly long term investments
I look for mainly short term investments
I have a clear vision of how I want my portfolio to grow
I am building for the future
I want to generate income now
I want to make more of my money than just leaving it in the bank
Shares in an ISA
Shares outside ISA
Shares in a SIPP
International shares
Buy “low” and sell “high”, i.e. the prospect of potential capital gain
Buy “low”, secure an income and sell when shares have become overvalued
Buy when shares are undervalued, secure an increasing income and only sell when the shares have become overvalued
Below 4%
Between 4% - 5%
Between 5% - 6%
More than 6%
Below 5%
Between 5% - 7.5%
Between 7.5% - 10%
More than 10%
Several times a day
3/4 times a week
Several times a month
Less often
A stockmarket crash
An investment I hold is covered in the media
An article / comment from Dividend Alerts
Habit: I check my portfolio on a regular basis anyway
An article / comment from other email alerts
Data software eg eSignal, Updata, Sharescope
Digital Look
FT. com
Motley Fool
General information on companies
General comment on investment-related matters
Company results and news to validate my own investment ideas
Stock screens as the basis for further research
Specific ideas about shares to buy and sell
Specific information at what price to buy and sell shares
Dividend income information
I do not care about share prices, as long as it is a 'solid', profitable, investment
The share price I pay when I buy the shares
The income I generate from holding an investment
The share price at which I sell
Possibly; it depends on the uniqueness of the information
Possibly; it depends on the price of the information
Yes, if it will make me more money than the purchase price
£99 - £150
£151 - £250
£251 - £500
£501 - £750
More than £750
Practical ‘how to get started dividend income investing’ type of content
Unique information about dividend paying companies that are historically undervalued, at any time
Unique information about dividend paying companies that have become historically overvalued, at any time
Tools and data analysis (eg: dividend stock screener, dividend sector screener)
'At a glance’ company summaries of high quality dividend paying companies
More reference information about dividend paying companies (eg: 10 year dividend records, sector performance, performance vs peers)
A monthly hard-copy newsletter
A mobile friendly version of the site

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