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Dividend Alerts, March 1st 2011
March 01, 2011

March 1, 2011

Launch of Dividend Income

Join us now

Dear Subscriber

I am very happy to announce the official launch of our newest website Dividend Income as a follow on to Early Retirement

You may recall, in an earlier editon of Dividend Alerts that one of our subscribers challenged us to back up our write-ups with our own money.

Well, we have risen to that challenge!

Early Retirement was launched last year to inform UK and expat savers, investors and (future) retirees about ways of achieving a comfortable and early retirement - Dividend Income goes one step further focusing solely on sound stock selection combined with the ability to recognise value using dividend yields in order to identify undervalued and overvalued shares.

What's more. . .

I am so convinced that our investment strategy works that I have put more than £75,000 of my own money behind it.

As part of Dividend Income premium content, I have created the Dividend Income Portfolio which over time will invest in 30 dividend paying companies, both UK listed and abroad, in order to create a diversified and increasing stream of tax-free dividend income that would supplement my retirement income.

At Dividend Income we focus solely on dividend paying companies, which have a history of uninterrupted dividend payments as well as regular dividend increases.

We are using a valuation methodology originally developed in the USA, which we have refined to make it applicable for non-US listed companies and have tested it rigorously. We are very happy with the results!

Premium content subscribers of Dividend Income will have exclusive access to our Dividend Income Reports, like the one about Tesco, which you can download here.

Today we have also released the second issue of Dividend Income Report, including an in-depth write-up of another historically undervalued company with a current high dividend yield and a track record of increasing dividends.

How much is it going to cost me . . .

In determining the subscription price for access to our premium content, we have made sure that we balance the effort and time involved with a level of pricing that would make the premium content affordable to any serious long-term dividend income investor.

Access to the premium content is offered at £9.99 per month, whilst for those that prefer a longer term option, we currently offer two special discounted rates, as follows:

  • a 12 month subscription for £89.99, equals £7.50 per month – discount of 25% of the normal monthly subscription price

  • a 24 month subscription for £139.99, equals £5.83 per month – discount of 42% of the normal monthly subscription price

Never pay more promise!

As we are not depended on felling trees, printing presses, fluctuating paper prices, postage, etc., we have decided that the subscription price is locked from the moment that you subscribe until you cancel your subscription.

This means that the subscription price you pay now will NEVER increase as long as your subscription is active.

This also means, at renewal, that you will always pay the subscription fee that you have signed up at.

Of course, as the premium content builds up subscription charges may well start to increase, but only for new subscribers. To be honest, I don't expect this to happen before next winter.

What's more - half priced trial offer . . .

As a special introductory offer, for the month of March, any new monthly subscriber can make use of our £5 discount voucher to access Dividend Income for half price. Just use the coupon code: 8C03BF when signing up.

What's more . . . earn back your subscription!

Why not also become one of our affiliates allowing you to recoup your subscription charge, in no time, and earn even much more.

Now, which online publication do you know that allows you to earn back your subscription fee?

Once you have become an affiliate, just tell your friends, relatives, colleagues and anybody else of what we offer at Dividend Income and get rewarded for anybody who subsequently signs up for a one or two year subscription.

An no worry, you don't have to start thinking about what to mention. We even provide you with a number of punchy “introductory sentences” which you can choose and use. Simple!

This is it - we are live and taking on new subscribers

Join us now in our joint journey to build a dividend paying share portfolio with an increasing stream of tax-free dividend income that would supplement our retirement incomes.

I look forward to welcoming you as one of our subscribers at Dividend Income

Thank you.

Until next time.

Kind regards

Steven Dotsch
Early Retirement

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