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We are very keen to provide you with the best possible information on investing, and, in particular dividend income investing, but we need your help.

To do this, we just need a bit of insight from you. So please take a moment to fill out our survey below and tell us what you like and what you want to see and hear from us.

We'll use your feedback to give you a much more bespoke service.

We've been known to grumble at survey requests ourselves, but rest assured, we mean it when we say: the more you tell us the better it gets.

Guide to Dividend Investing

You know what it even gets better - as a token of our appreciation for your input the first 50 responders who complete the survey will qualify for a random prize drawing to win a free Guide to Dividend Investing.

Many thanks

Steven Dotsch
Managing editor
Early Retirement
Dividend Income

The more you tell us, the better it gets!

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