Stock up on some sound
investment books

Reading investment books is no substitute for investment experience, but can supplement it. Read investing books to inform your practical investing experience, but not to replace it.

The investment books I recommend you consider

I believe the following investment books will take you forward as a successful early retirement investor:

Why you should consider reading investment books?

Some investment books contain the experience and wisdom of great stock market commentators, spectators, investors and traders.

Why try to re-invent the wheel when you can follow on
the footsteps of already successful investors?

One good idea can more than repay a book’s cover price, and, more importantly, your time invested in reading it.

The more you read and apply what you have read, the faster you’ll get to your goal to Retire Earlier and Richer.

Thanks to the internet, finding out about and ordering books has never been easier. Online, you can look up individual titles, browse, (sometimes) read reviews and place orders for instant delivery.

The UK Online Investing bookshop

It would be great if you would buy your investment books from the the UK Online Investing bookshop. This is our partner site.

Investment books listed at the UK Online Investing bookshop are often discounted and delivery is prompt and reliable. Of course, Amazon is also a useful source of books, and publishes some sample extracts. Both of these online bookshops publish online reviews.

What kind of books do I actually recommend?

Over time, I intend to mention and review a number of relevant investment books which I value enough to have read at least twice and are not too technical.

Many of my recommendations are what are known as “how to” books.

For some time now, I have realised that by reading investment books I actually spend valuable time with an expert (the author) at very little cost to me. They will share with you their best “how to” investment strategies and techniques.

Share your views with us!

I am very keen to receive your comments and feedback on how these and other investment books have assisted you in building your own investment portfolio!

I am sure that your contributions will be of huge help to other early retirement investors.

Soon, I'll be introducing a facility that will allow you to leave your own comments regarding the investment books:

  • I mention and have reviewed, and
  • those you have read and would like to bring to the attention of other visitors of the Early Retirement Investor web site.

That would be great!

Here a repeat of my investment book recommendations

I believe the following investment books will take you forward as a successful early retirement investor:

How is the Early Retirement Investor web site funded?

Web pages are written purely from a neutral, informational and educational perspective. Yet, once they're finished one of the team has the job to see if any 'affiliate links' to a suitable and often recommended product or service can be found.

While these ‘affiliated links' look and work the same way as normal links, if you click through, the link is tracked and it may result in a payment to the Early Retirement Investor website (the details vary; sometimes we get paid per click, per user, per (accepted) application, per purchase, per subscription taken out or any combination).

By buying one or more investment books via the UK Online Investing bookshop Early Retirement Investor's publisher EMAR Publishing will receive a commission.

Doesn't this compromise the web site?

No. The Early Retirement Investor web pages are written, then totally separately, paid links are looked for. If no paying link is available, nothing in the article changes. The link used is simply a ‘non-affiliated' i.e. non-paying, link. Financial considerations do not impact on the text of the web page.

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