How to find solid companies paying
rising dividends?

Rising Dividends is what income seekers
are looking for!

Consider companies with increasing dividends as a way to stay ahead of inflation and secure a higher income in retirement.

Build your wealth by investing in the most profitable companies in the United Kingdom. The ones which have increased their dividends year after year.

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"Delighted to come across your site! I have been a recent convert to rising dividends and have set up a successful US portfolio. Now looking to replicate this with UK rising dividend payers."
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Companies that increase their dividends
year after year!

What we are looking for here at Early Retirement are companies that pay out not just a regular dividend, but companies which have increased their dividends year after year.

These are likely to be well-run, profitable, companies with an established track record of increasing dividends to shareholders consistently over many years.

We prefer companies with at least 10 consecutive years of higher dividends.

Why do we like companies with rising dividends?

When a company decide to increase its dividend (on a regular basis) it's signalling to its shareholders that it's confident that it will be able not just to continue paying a dividend, but also a rising dividend.

Such decisions are not made lightly. The last thing a shareholder-focused company wants to do is to create uncertainty by paying an increased dividend in one year, followed by a dividend cut the following year.

Of course, dividend increases in their own right is not a 'safe' signal that it will be maintained. Just remember some of the banks having boosted their dividends for a number of years for these then to be omitted in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

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Dividends Are Not Guaranteed!

Investing into dividend paying shares should gain you access to steadily rising dividends over time.

When to buy companies with rising dividends?

At Dividend Income Report we have developed a method to recognise value using dividend yields in order to identify historically undervalued and overvalued shares.

Often dividends from high quality companies are unlikely to give you a high level of income right away.

This is because investors have already worked out which companies have increased their dividends in the past. As a result the share prices of these type of companies have already gone up. And, as a result, their dividend yield may already have gone down .

However there are periods when these type of companies are ‘out of favour’, for whatever reason, such as when the overall market is depressed. It is then that our dedicated investment research process quicks in and identify those high yielding companies which are temporarilyundervalued.

It is during these kind of periods that offer income investors the opportunity to purchase shares in high yielding companieswith rising dividends that are ‘reasonable priced’. Or to re-invest the dividends from these shares into the same shares.

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