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Do you have a great value or dividend investing website or blog? Are you interested in more traffic? Higher search engine rankings?

Exchange online investment links with Dividend Income as we are creating a dedicated resource for value and dividend investing websites and blogs.

Why is exchanging (affiliate) links
mutual beneficial?

Foremost reciprocal linking benefits both our as well as your website or Blog's search engine rankings and therefore ultimately will generate more free traffic to both our web sites and Blogs.

In addition, with the Dividend Income (affiliate) link exchange program your web site or Blog will get the following additional benefits:

  • Your value or dividend investing website or blog will get a free and permanent place, description and active link in the Dividend Income Links section, but only for as long as a link to Dividend Income is listed on your website or blog's home page, or in one of your website tier 2 (T2) - navigation pages
  • Your website or blog will be one of only a relatively few high quality value and dividend investing web sites or blogs with relevant content to be listed in the Dividend Income Links section under one (or more) of the following category headings
  • The link-back page from Dividend Income is from a tier 2 - navigation page, providing your web site or blog with a quality back-link
  • By exchanging links with Dividend Income you have the opportunity to become an affiliate. Unless, you insist to the contrary, we are keen to remunerate you

    How . . .

    As an affiliate, we will remunerate you for any transactions taking place at Dividend Income when any of your visitors clicks on your affiliate link and subsequently subscribe to our premium content or purchase any of our eGuides

    Click Here for more information on our affiliate programs and how to sign up.

  • In the future, I hope, we may well want to enhance our mutual beneficial relationship further, for instance with exchanging relevant articles covering financial content, which may also include textual back-links to your website or Blog. This again can both bring our web sites and blogs with extra link relevance at the Search Engines.

How to proceed?

We have created a simple online investment links sign-up procedure in order to make the exchange of (affiliate) links as easy and efficient as possible.

We intend to create a relevant and high quality value and dividend investing resource for savers, investors and (future) retirees.

As a result, we have set some initial criteria for inclusion in our Links section which may well get tougher over time as our website will grow in popularity.

We accept (affiliate) link exchanges from relevant web sites and blogs with a Google page rank (PR) of at least 1. Check your site's page rank Here.

In addition, every website or blog will be manually reviewed before the link exchange is confirmed.

Investment Links Exchange Guidelines

Please follow the following steps to start to exchange online investment links with Dividend Income

Please note, that before you fill out our online investment links exchange application form, below, you have to . . .

  1. Sign up as an affiliate

    This is how . . .

    • Join our affiliate program. Within Affiliate Central you will have the option to become a premium content affiliate or an eGuide affiliate (or, both)

    • Follow the instructions at Affiliate Central to secure your affiliate link. Consider our affiliate tips to your benefit

    • Note: prospective eGuide affiliates are required to sign up at - the affiliate network we use for our eGuides

    • Insert our affiliate link(s) on your home page, or blog, or in one of your 2-tier navigation pages

  2. After placing your affiliate link(s) to Dividend Income on your website's home page, blog, or tier-2 page, please check:

    • the Category Headings

    • If none of the Category Headings fits the contents of your value or dividend investing web-site or blog particularly well, you can suggest a new Category Heading.

  3. Now you're all set to start filling out the investment links sign-up form.

    • In the online investment links application form, you will be asked to confirm where you have placed your (affiliate) link to Dividend Income So, make sure, you have done that first

    • After we have received, reviewed and approved your link exchange request, your link will be set up right away.

Investment links sign-up form

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